’80s Fashion: Keep or Ditch it?

Everyone knows one. A trend fanatic. You know, the friend (or frenemy) who has to try absolutely every single trend that existed in every single era since the ’20s? You’ve seen her wearing the poodle skirt from the ’50s, the hippie’s hairstyle from the ’60s and even the whole “going topless at the beach” trend from the ’70s. Ridiculous, we know.

And while some of them miiiight work (we’re all still hanging onto the plaid shirt with the rolled-up sleeves), let’s face it. Some trends are just meant to die a horrible death and never, ever be revived. We’re talking parachute pants. Or wearing your bra over your shirt. Whoever invented that look should be thrown into jail by the fashion police.

So then why are these old trends still mingling around, totally haunting us in the form of the above-mentioned trend fanatic? We wanted to find out, so we came up with the ’80s edition of the most daring celebrity looks we could find. We tracked down a ton of celebrity fashion trends to see who scored the ultimate ’80s fashion fail trying to bring back the era.

And … surprise, surprise! Although we did find a ton of appalling ’80s disaster looks, we actually found a couple celebrity styles that looked good enough to make us consider wearing them in public. But only because each of them came with a cute twist that kept them modern-looking. No wearing neon leg warmers or ripped tights any time soon, got it?

So should the celebs wearing the following ’80s trends “keep ’em” or “ditch ’em?” We’ll tell you what we think, but leave your own vote in the comments section below for the best and worst looks out of the batch. Will it be Drew Barrymore, Heidi Klum, Jessica Lowndes, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Leighton Meester, Lindsay Lohan, Mena Suvari, Rihanna or Tyra Banks?