13 Stylish On-Screen Students

Whether you’re a current high school or college fashionista, or you just like remembering your glory days, the topic of student fashion never gets old.

Here at Beauty Riot, we recently played the game of “What was your favorite high school look?” The answers were hilarious — ranging from overalls to super teased hair, depending on the decade we each grew up in. Not surprisingly, some of them were also found in this list of the best and worst ’80s fashion and ’90s hairstyles.

Now if we were walking the halls of Rydell High or Ridgemont High, it would be a totally different story. Why is it that on-screen students are so stylish and hip (besides the fact that they’re being played by movie stars and have personal stylists on set)? It only took us a few minutes to rattle off the names of the most stylish on-screen students ever.

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You’re totally curious to see this list for yourself, admit it. We know you could probably think of a few on-screen students who are already included (to prove your point, we’ve got characters played by Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester). But there are some truly classic styles that deserve to get a shoutout too, worn by some on-screen students you totally wouldn’t expect.

Whether their trademark style is chic, preppy, edgy or vintage, these celebrities all caught our fashion-loving eyes (and the eyes of everyone else who saw their movies). So put on your nostalgia caps and take a stroll down memory lane with the most stylish on-screen students in the history of film.