What Guys Think of Your Clothing

miley cyrus miniskirt

Coming in at No. 3: Miley Cyrus’ miniskirt

Here’s how the guys voted:

Like it: 84%

Hate it: 16%

Here’s what they had to say:

The good:

“I’m a big fan of miniskirts.” “What’s not to like? I’m a guy. The more leg I see the better.” “If done right, they can look breezy and comfortable.” “Showing off legs is sexy.” “More skin please! I’m a thigh guy. Mini skirts make me wonder what’s under there.”

The bad:

“Anything that looks like it should be worn by strippers is pretty much a big NO for me.” “Mini skirts are often abused by women who should know better.” “99 out of 100 women ruin it for the one who can actually wear it.”

The just plain weird:

“Good for streetwalkers, not so much for teenage rock stars.” “Not on 15 year olds or 40 year olds, age appropriate please.”