What Guys Think of Your Clothing

The best and worst fashion trends according to men (and their hilarious comments)

miley cyrus boots

Coming in at No. 4: Miley Cyrus’ thigh high boots

Here’s how the guys voted:

Like it: 80%

Hate it: 20%

Here’s what they had to say:

The good:
“Boot can accentuate a women’s legs, which is a good thing.” “Super sexy.” “Black leather boots are just hot. Especially with a heel, but not required. And I’m ok if they’re on jeans, but a skirt is preferred.” “Definitely a fan.”

The bad:
“Hooker alert!” “Not sexy at all.” “Total cliche.” “Usually worn by women that have little or no style or awareness of fashion.”

The just plain weird:
“How do girls even get their feet, and not to mention half their legs, into those?”