Craziest Grammy Looks

So far, we’ve seen some gorgeous looks from the Golden Globe Awards and SAG Awards this year. But the Grammy Awards? You can almost always count on musicians to go a little wild on the red carpet.

It’s probably because they get to give some awesome performances on stage. Who wouldn’t want to shock an audience of millions when they have such a good opportunity to? And this year, the celebrities at the Grammys didn’t disappoint (in both their performances, as well as the variety of celebrity hairstyles, celebrity makeup and celebrity fashion choices there were).

Some of the show’s highlights? Well, if you haven’t already heard, Lady Gaga hatched out of an egg, Gwyneth Paltrow performed with the Muppets and Justin Bieber sang a duet with Jaden Smith. But the performances weren’t the only things that will be hard to beat next year.

As for the red carpet, Katy Perry showed up with her 90-year old grandma, and we saw everything from leopard jumpsuits to peacock outfits to disco ball dresses. From Rihanna’s (very) revealing dress to Jennifer Lopez’s almost-blinding outfit, these celebrities truly slaughtered the red carpet (and the name of fashion) with the worst 2011 Grammy celebrity fashion choices.

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