Spring Break Style Dos and Don’ts

See how NOT to channel your inner-Snooki this spring break

spring break annalynne mccord

Don’t: Slut it up at night

Sure, everyone around you is clad in skintight spandex, v-necks down to their bellybuttons and skirts up to their you-know-what — but let’s be different, shall we? There are in fact ways to look sexy without being mistaken for a streetwalker. Roberts and Polk share some options:

“I am loving the hot pant looks from both Chanel and Marc Jacobs resort collections,” Roberts says. “If you are going to be showing a lot of leg in hot pants, try and blousy/billowy top that covers your arms. If the shorts are high-waisted try a cropped open kit loose fitting sweater.”

“The idea is to play with proportion,” Roberts adds. “If you are showing a whole lotta leg in hot pants, keep your arms somewhat covered and the fabric up top loose. If you are rocking a floor length maxi skirt try a top that shows some curves or a top tucked in to avoid being swallowed by the maxi skirt.”

“Open knit sweaters in a linen or light knit are great for vacation as it can get chilly at night. Try it with a delicate lacy bra barely showing through to add a bit of sexiness,” Roberts says.

“A shorter tunic dress is a great evening look and easy to wear,” Polk says. “The key is to dress for your figure in the summer and there are many silhouettes that work for everyone. Sheer fabrics allow you to be sexy with out overtly showing off and they are easy to wear. Have fun and dress comfortably.”