Seven Cute Cuts for Curly Hair

From Brazillian Blow Outs to $200 titanium flat irons, we know you’ve gone through a lot trying to tame your curly hair. While you could blame the weather, genetics or bad products, the real reason behind your frustration may be your haircut. Having hair that’s too short, too long, or with not enough layers can give you a style that’s heavy and lifeless — or a big frizz ball.

To solve this haircut dilemma, we talked with celebrity hairstylist, Ursula Stephens, and creative director of Nexxus Salon, Kevin Mancuso, to find out how to get a cut for your curls and waves that’ll make all your naturally straight-haired friends frizz up in envy.

See the seven cutest cuts for curly hair now.

Our experts agreed that having the right haircut for your curly hair is step one for a perfect, frizz-free style.

Until you can get to the salon for a new cut, try these tips from Stephens and Mancuso to keep frizz to a minimum.

• Use a moisturizing conditioner. To have the most flexibility when styling your hair, you want to inject as much moisture as possible. “It’s what you start with that’s going to set you up for a successful style,” says Mancuso.

• Look for products that have olive oil, coconut oil, and other hydrating ingredients in them. “When you hydrate the hair, it adds weight. Weight defines curls and makes it easier to manipulate them, while preventing them from exploding into frizz,” says Mancuso.

• Apply product when hair is damp, right out of the shower, so that the product can dry with the hair and help neutralize the curls, says Stephens.

• Blow dry your roots without a diffuser, then use a diffuser for your ends, so that it doesn’t take hours to dry your hair, says Mancuso.

Now that the prep work is done, let’s see what style and haircut works best for your curly hair.