Add Volume to Long, Fine Hair

News flash: cutting your fine hair into a bob isn’t the only way to give it body and volume. Even if your hair is fine, you too can wear it lusciously long. Use these tips to add volume and shape to your flat, long, fine hair.

First, let’s debunk a major myth. Fine hair isn’t necessarily thin. While typically those with the fine Nordic/Slavic hair type have a narrow hair shaft, they have a lot of them that lie close together. To get that volume out from hiding, start with the right cut. Lots of layers do not work for fine hair. Blunt cuts also work against the texture and nature of fine hair. Instead, ask for a point-cut, a cutting technique that provides texture and allows for blending. This will help to camoflauge any breakage you experience, as fine hair is more prone to dryness at the ends.

If you love the look of layers, try adding them just around your face. Blunt, thick bangs can also add structure to long, fine hair. For more tips about haircuts, read 10 Tips for a Great Cut.

As far as styling for maximum volume, start by blow drying your hair upside down for a lift near the roots. Be careful not to overdo it on products, as fine hair becomes weighed down and greasy if you put too much in. Use a flexible-hold hair spray to add volume and shape your style. Serums typically are too heavy for long, fine hair, so try a matte wax instead.

Finally, since long, fine hair is prone to breakage, only break out the curling or flat iron on special occasions. Always use a spray-in heat protectant, especially near the ends of your hair. For more style inspiration, check out our gallery of long hairstyles for fine hair.