New Styles for Long Hair

You’ve finally grown out your hair. It’s taken months, maybe even years, but as your hair brushes the mid-point of your back, you know it’s been worth it. All those dreams of intricate braids, half updos, chignons, top knots, and soft waves can finally become reality. And now that you’ve actually got that fabulous long hair, what do you do? If you’re like me, you pull it into a ponytail … every day.

It’s a terrible habit, and one that’s super hard to break — but as much as I love my elastics, I know I can’t keep wearing this sad pony. (It doesn’t really jive with the whole beauty editor title.) Therefore, I made a fall resolution to try some new, stylish looks that take advantage of ALL my hair, every last inch of it.

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To find some hair inspiration, I scoured all the latest red carpet looks and unearthed a bunch of new styles for long hair. I even found a few non-boring

ponytails that are probably nothing like the one you’re used to wearing. Then, I took those looks to some top celeb hairstylists and found out just how to achieve the styles; I even got their recommendations for which hair products to use.

OK. No more excuses! You’ve got the styles, the how-tos, and a full list of products. It’s time to have fun with that long hair.

Click here to see all the new styles for long hair.