I’m Obsessed with My …

See what spring trends fashion bloggers and editors can't get enough of this season

I'm Obsessed with My ...

We all have it. That one item in our closets that we’d wear every day if we could. The dress that gives us curves we didn’t know we had, the t-shirt that’s too soft for words. Of course, if you did wear it every day, you’d get people wondering if the rest of your closet suffered an unfortunate laundry incident. Or would you?

We asked 6 fashion bloggers, editors and stylists to share the clothing item or accessory they’re obsessed with this spring, and show three different ways to wear it. So not only can you see some of the coolest spring trends on real women, but you can also see legit ways to wear said trend multiple days in a row without setting off the crazy alarm.

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It’s actually really cool to see how many different ways you can wear one piece of clothing, it’s inspired me to get out of my outfit rut and I’m sure it’ll have you looking at your closet in a whole new way as you try out the new spring trends. Just make sure you actually wash your favorite item once in awhile, OK?

Click here to see the spring trends we’re obsessed with.