Dare: I Let Dad Pick My Clothes

First, one editor let her boyfriend take over her clothing decisions for a week (a risky venture, to say the least). Then we upped the ante. For our own little tribute to Father’s Day, we had staffer Tracy’s dad choose her outfits for the week.

Needless to say, both of them were a little nervous about the dare. I mean, would you let your father pick out your head-to-toe outfit for work, or even worse, a date? And as a dad, how do you pick out clothes that will be appropriate and not embarrass your kid? Talk about pressure.

Thankfully, both of them stepped up to the plate and gave us all an amazing Father’s Day present: a chance to see some father/daughter bonding, and laugh a bit at some epic fashion mishaps.

Click here to see the dare: I let my dad dress me for a week.

One thing they both agreed on: this was a one-time dare. Sure, they had fun, and you’ll see that dear ol’ dad even picked out some fashion-forward ensembles, but it’s not something either of them wants to repeat. Maybe next Father’s Day Tracy can stick with the traditional tie or sweater.

Since I know you’re dying to see how this Father’s Day fashion dare turned out, you can click here to see day one. And after you’ve checked out the full dare, tell us what fashion dare you want to see next. Maybe a mother/daughter closet swap? A father/son suit-a-thon? No telling what we’ll come up with.

Click here to see the dare: I let my dad dress me for a week.