Dare: I Let Dad Pick My Clothes

What I learned

So does father know best? Perhaps, but definitely not when it comes to fashion. I really applaud my dad for trying to come up with some cute and fashionable outfits, but at the end of the day he is better off using his talents elsewhere. I was most surprised by the number of times he put me in heels and by the end of the week, my feet hurt so much I called him to complain. A few things I took away from this whole dare experience:

• I need to clean out my closet a bit more frequently. Having my dad pull out my late ’90s homecoming dress and making me wear it 10 years after the fact was a huge wake up call.

• I have too many clothes jammed in my closet and I need to organize the layout a bit better. Again, this will totally be doable post-clean out.

• In many ways my dad and I have pretty similar fashion sensibilities. We both like accessories and tend to pair black, white and grey together a TON.

As for my dad, he said he never realized how many different steps were needed to create a full outfit … it was more work than he realized and too tiring for him. Here is where we differ, I find selecting my own outfits to be very fun and not tiring at ALL.

Despite making progressively better selections along the way, my dad and I both agreed that this would be the first and last time we’d get together for this sort of activity. The quality time was great and we definitely had a few laughs (and a few moments where I thought he was crazy), but for father and daughter time we’d rather stick to our regular activities like going on a motorcycle ride.

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