Summer Accessories Under $10

As a child, I often visited my great-grandmother, Mimi. She was a very fashionable lady and accessorized better than anyone, with furs, jewels and scarfs. While playing with a ring Mimi had given me, I asked my mom how she liked my diamonds. She laughed at what she thought was costume jewelry, but Mimi butted in, “Those are real diamonds, and that’s a real pearl. It’s hers.” I still have the ring. And not surprisingly, from that day forth, I began a major love affair with accessories.

Of course, Mimi’s ring is one of the only diamond rings I own. My budget can’t afford such niceties as the ones she favored. So it makes sense why I get really excited when I find a great looking necklace or bag for a couple bucks. If Mimi taught me anything it’s that a great accessory (or six) can instantly up the ante when it comes to your fashion sense.

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Just like fashion, accessory styles change season-to-season. In order to find the top summer trends, I spoke with fashion stylist Ashley Roberts and fashion editor Stephanie Rygorsky. Here’s what I learned: Bright, bold colors (especially orange and yellow) are a great way to make a statement, while unexpected materials are turning up everywhere, from straw clutches to rope bracelets. And be on the lookout for bold, Aztec prints and South American influences.

With these tips in hand, I scoured the stores to find you the hottest accessories that won’t break the bank. And you’ll be surprised with how many cool things we found. Mimi would be proud. Are you ready? It’s time to accessorize on a budget.