Summer Accessories Under $10

Accessorize your summer wardrobe with these top 10 summer deals -- all under $10

Bright thread and shiny bangles for summer

Bright Bangles

Thread-Wrapped Bracelet Set, $7.80
Color Scheme Bangles, $3.80

Remember friendship bracelets from summer camp? Consider these bangles the more sophisticated version. This thread-wrapped bracelet set combines a few of the hottest trends of the summer: bold colors (blue and pink), the use of “soft” materials (thread), and the ability to stack ’em (it’s a set of seven!). And don’t afraid to mix and match when it comes to bangles — as Rygorsky explained, “More is more with this trend.”

Since we’re so into bangles, we also wanted to show you these brightly lacquered ones. The sunny hues will bring a smile to your face, and as with all things in fashion, these colors aren’t just a random selection. According to Rygorsky, “orange and yellow are key accessory colors this season,” which goes hand-in-hand with all the ’70s inspired fashion happening right now: high-waisted jeans, fringed bags, and chunky platforms.