Best and Worst Vintage Buys

Shopping vintage is a great way to save money on one of a kind looks. But not everything out there is worth your cash. Here's what to buy and what to avoid ...

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Last Minute Tips

Now that you know the ins and outs of vintage shopping, here are a few helpful tips from the pros:

Always try it on. Sizing, fit, and the way clothing falls on the body has changed a lot over the years. As Courreges explained, “a size 10 dress from the ’50s would fit a woman who typically wears a size 2 or 4 today.” And that’s if you’re lucky enough to find a tag. Many garments are missing size tags, so it’s always good to spend some time in the fitting room.

Inspect the item before you buy. Stains, wear and tear, frayed seams, missing rhinestones or sequins … these are all things the seller should disclose about the piece. However, not all sellers do or sometimes they miss small imperfections. The price should reflect the damage, but if not, you should bring it to the seller’s attention.

Give things a chance. Never worn a vintage dress with a full skirt? Check it out and you may find it flatters your shape. How about a ’40s women’s suit? It might be the perfect interview outfit for you. You never know what you’re going to find when you enter a vintage shop, but if you keep an open mind, you may discover a whole new side to your fashion personality.