Why You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra

Confession: I haven’t bought a new bra since … 2008? The ones I have are all stretched out, deformed, and a bit mangy. I know I should throw them out, and actually go for proper bra fitting, but I always come up with some excuse. Laziness, lack of cash, no time — I’ve used them all.

At least I’m not alone. According to bra industry surveys, almost 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size, and countless numbers of us are throwing on old, misshapen, hanging-by-a-thread bras on a daily basis.

So what’s the big deal with a not-so-perfect fit? Try back fat, puckered cups, stretch marks, shoulder pain, and bands that ride up your back. (That’s just a few of the problems.)

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Since I’d rather not have any of those things, and I’m willing to admit that it’s time for some new bras, I went on a hunt for the best bra experts around. Like Danny Koch, from the famous Town Shop in New York City. (Her family’s been in the bra business for over 100 years!) I also talked with Tomima Edmark, founder of HerRoom, an online lingerie boutique with thousands of bra brands.

Ways to eliminate back fat and shoulder pain wasn’t all these experts had to share. I also learned when it’s time to ditch your bra, how to really figure out your cup size, and the best way to strap yourself in. Yeah, there’s a lot of info, but I think it’s worth it for amazing-looking boobs, right?

Click here to get expert advice on the perfect bra fit.