Hunger Games Sneak Preview

No, we didn't get to watch the film, but we did get to see the unbelievable wigs from the film and get tons of backstage details

hunger games effie trinket wig pink hair

Effie’s gorgeous wig

As you know from the books, Effie (played by Elizabeth Banks) wears a pink wig. To create this look, Petenbrink and the head hairstylist, Linda Flowers, used a wig with a mix of synthetic hair and human hair. The reason: synthetic hair would hold up better in the heat during filming in North Carolina, but unfortunately it can’t be styled with hot tools. Human hair can be styled (obviously) but it’ll also react to the humid weather.

In the end, the front of Banks’ wig was human hair so it could be styled to pure craziness, while the back of the wig (and the main bulk) was fake hair. The real trick, and what took Petenbrink days of experimenting, was making the two different types of hair look exactly the same.