12 Ponytail Alternatives

I’ve always been a fan of a classic ponytail. It probably has a lot to do with my 15-plus years cheerleading, where a pony was the only hairstyle option. Believe me, cheerleaders are serious about their ponytails; if any loose strands are seen during competition, you get points deducted — and major death stares from your teammates.

Click here to see 12 ponytail hairstyle alternatives.

Even though I’ve stopped cheering, a ponytail is still my go-to hairstyle. After all, it’s quick, easy and keeps my hair from hanging in my face. But lately, I’ve been rethinking my ponytail look. As much as I love the easiness of it, it can be a tad boring. Well that, and my best friend just asked me if I was trying to re-live my cheer life through my ponytail. I think it might be time for a hairstyle intervention.

To get started, I gathered a bunch of photos of hairstyles that use a ponytail as their base, but switch it up in some way. Worried that your hair isn’t long enough to try some of these out? Adding side updo, there’s something for everyone — and every occasion.

Click here to see 12 ponytail hairstyle alternatives.