Cute Wavy Hair Styles

Beachy waves are always in, no matter what time of year it is. Keep yours refreshing by occasionally switching it up with these cute wavy hair styles.

Rolled Back

This is a great hair style that will keep your hair off of your forehead and give you an irresistible Grecian Goddess appeal. Style your wavy hair as you normally would (if you don’t quite have your curls under control, check out our guide to curly hair), and then part it on the side. Take a piece of hair from the front section and begin tightly rolling it back. Secure it under your ear with a bobby pin, sticking a few others throughout the roll to keep it in place. The roll will frame your face while allowing your waves to do their thing.

Loose Bun

An artfully arranged bun is the perfect cute wavy hair style to showcase your curls while getting them off of your neck. Start with your normal wavy hair and pull it up into a low ponytail. You can either keep it centered or pull it off to the side. When looping the elastic, leave the tail end of your hair inside of it, creating a loop bun. Pull out a few tendrils to wrap around the elastic (hidden is always better), and a few around your face for a romantic, slightly disheveled look. Touch them up with a curling iron if necessary. 

Can’t get enough of these simple styles for your wavy hair? These 12 easy styles for curly hair should keep you busy (and gorgeous) for at least two weeks. With these cute, wavy hair styles in your arsenal, you’ll always look like you’re ready to hit the beach. For more tips on beachy, breezy style, try these 10 beachy-cute celeb looks.