Hot Trend: Arm Party

Question: What’s an arm party?

Answer: It’s a party on your arm — obviously. Guests include: bangles, cuffs, watches, woven friendship bracelets, string, and knotted wristlets. Together these unlikely friends mingle on your arm to create one very cool fashion event. And, it happens to be the hot trend of the moment.

But there’s an art to creating an arm party. Like a Jackson Pollock painting, the perfect arm party balances on a thin line between chaos (the carefree, throw on every bangle, friendship bracelet, and cuff you’ve ever owned), and carefulness (a well-designed structure with specific bracelet placement). If this sounds complicated, no worries. We’re here to help.

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We tapped fashion expert Stephanie Rygorsky to weigh in on what makes an amazing arm party. A fan of the look, she loves that stacking bracelets is an easy and affordable way to show your sense of style. “It’s an inexpensive option when you want to add interest to an outfit.”

Rygorsky also told us how to wear this look if you’re just starting out (and don’t want to look like a trend train wreck), have a glam function to attend, or just want a beachy-casual vibe. And did we mention that we spent days culling the web for the best arm parties? … OK, maybe not days, but you get the point. We got the goods.

Welcome to the party. And when you get done seeing all this awesomeness, we want to see what type of arm party you can throw. Leave your pic on our Facebook page.

Click here to learn about the arm party trend.