2012 Budget Fashion Blogger Contest

Think you know how to dress on a budget? These 8 fashion bloggers make it look incredibly easy (and chic)

Sock Hopper

Name: Shauna Miller

Blog: Penny Chic

Why we love her: This savvy style star is the definition of bi-coastal cool. With fashion experience in both Los Angeles and New York, she has seen it at all and definitely knows how to make even the craziest fashions work.

Shauna’s Outfit Inspiration: “The socks with heels trend was made famous by the ‘sock hoppers’ in the 1950s and made a recent comeback in Dolce and Gabanna’s Fall 2012 collection. Even celebs like Rihanna are rocking the look. Pair some patterned socks with solid color heels to add a little ‘geek-chic’ to any ensemble.”

Price Breakdown:
• Stripe Skater Dress: $19.99 from Target
• Platform Pumps: $29.99 from Target
• Polka Dot Socks: $6 from Walmart
• Bracelets: $4 each from Target

Grand Total: $60.00

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