11 ’60s-Inspired Hairstyles

Ever wish you were around during the 1960s? You’re not alone. With the popularity of “Mad Men,” retro swimsuits, and the Beach Boys reunion tour, the ’60s are back in a big way. But it’s not the music or the fashion or the “free love” that we admire the most from this decade. Nope. We’re obsessed with ’60s hair.

Just what makes these retro hairstyles so appealing? Try height. “Hair was fashionable in the ‘up’ variety, but the styles also used soft and frothy textures to create these looks,” says Andi Scarbrough of Byu-ti Salons. (Think Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, and Jackie Kennedy.) This was a big change from the ’50s styles, which were more conservative and tight.

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But if highly teased hair isn’t your thing, no worries. Pixie cuts made famous by Twiggy and Mia Farrow also claimed their place among iconic ’60s hairstyles. And for edgier girls, there was always the mod look of angled bobs and sharp-edged cuts. As you can tell, this decade was anything but boring when it came to hair. “The ’60s hairstyles were diverse, from the bouffant and large flips, to short pixie cuts and long, flowing natural hair,” says New York City-based hairstylist Joshua Barrett.

To help curb our retro hair obsession, we decided to roundup the best ’60s-inspired looks. What makes these styles so amazing is that they have that ’60s look, but because they’re updated they also have today’s laidback, carefree vibe. A match made in heaven? We think so.