15 Crazy Hair Wars Styles

In hotel ballrooms across the country, thousands of contestants compete for one grand title. The requirements? Pounds of hair extensions, neon dye, and some stellar creativity. With sky-high updo creations and outrageous outfits to match, you’d think it was some freaky spin-off of “Toddlers and Tiaras.” But this isn’t your typical beauty pageant. This is Hair Wars.

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Started in 1991 by David “Hump the Grinder” (actual nickname) Humphries, Hair Wars trade shows tour all over the country, showcasing elaborate, unconventional, and vibrant hairstyles and fashion. Originally known as one of the biggest African-American hair shows in the U.S., today hairstylists and artists of all ethnicities compete to win the ultimate championship title of Supreme Salon.

So what does it mean to be a Hair Wars champion? Winners receive cash, prizes, and a giant gold trophy. But more importantly, the title alone can help an artist rise to fame. Hair Wars alum “Weaven” Steven Noss has styled numerous stars, including Lady Gaga, since his big win.

Intrigued? Check out the craziest, most extreme Hair Wars styles we’ve found. Spoiler alert: get ready for a Garden of Eden inspired ‘do, a disco ball made of hair (naturally), and an elaborate pirate ship — no joke.

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