Dare: 7 Days of Hair Flair

One editor tries to break out of her hair rut with seven hot hair flair ideas. What happens? Keep reading to find out

Floral Crown

They’re featured on every hair blog and pinterest board: Floral crowns have become the “it” hair flair accessory, and there are countless sources for DIY tutorials on how to create your very own floral crown. So, with printed directions in hand, I stop by the craft store and pick up some fake flowers, floral wire, and floral tape. Later that night, I spend a couple of hours trying to make the perfect crown … and end up with what looks like a Polynesian headdress. Then I start to dread heading into the office the next day.

First day of the hair dare and I already feel silly. As I walk into work, my coworker Meghan bursts into laughter and then tells me “it’s very costume-y.” As for the reaction of my other colleagues, here’s a smattering of their comments:

Ann Marie: “That looks like what I wore in Catholic school on All Saint’s Day.”
Kerry: “You would have fit right in at the Florence and the Machine concert I went to last night.”
Sharon: “Is there another reaction, other than ridiculous?”
Mary: “You look like Kate Middleton when she visited that South Pacific island.”

Consensus: I’ll take the Kate Middleton comment, but I have to agree with Sharon. I do feel a little ridiculous. Something tells me floral crowns are not in my future.