Dare: 7 Days of Hair Flair

One editor tries to break out of her hair rut with seven hot hair flair ideas. What happens? Keep reading to find out

Bejeweled Headband

After four days of continuous hair flair, I’m starting to feel fatigued. So when I show up to the office on Friday sans accessory, I only put on this bejeweled headband.

I’ve worn a few headbands in my day, so this hair flair isn’t a big deal. And while I wouldn’t have chosen such a big headband with so many jewels — I feel a little like I should be in “Toddlers and Tiaras” — it works. Since it’s so tame, I escape the day without comments … almost. When I get home, my boyfriend says, “Did you stop at Claire’s on the way home?” Haha. Funny man. Reaaaaal funny.

Consensus: No on the big jewels, but yes to another headband. Maybe one that isn’t so big. Thin and leopard is more my style.