2013 Hair Color Trends

Ombré? So 2012. We're counting down the hair color trends you're about to see everywhere

Vibrant Streaks

Last year it seemed like everyone was dyeing streaks of their hair in every Easter egg shade under the sun. And we’ve got to admit, we’re kind of glad this My Little Pony hair trend is over. “Pastels are done for 2013,” says Dumas. “We’ll still see streaks of color, but instead they’ll be in bright, vibrant shades, like primary colors.”

If you were too timid to try out the pastel color trend, you might want to consider a bold streak of royal blue or bright orange in 2013. “Streaks of vibrant color are actually much easier to maintain, and so they’re more practical,” explains Dumas. “The washed out, pastel shades really only work on icy or baby blondes, but bold color is a great option for a brunette who wants to try something fun.”