Easy Short Hair Styles

Isn’t one of the biggest appeals of short hair that it’s easy? You’re supposed to be able to just wake up and go, right? Any girl with short hair knows that’s not always so, short of buzzing your hair completely off. Everyone has a bad hair day once in a while, but keep these easy short hair styles in mind to combat the occasional bad hair day.

Swept Back

This is one of the easy short hairstyles that will make you look like you just breezed in after walking the streets of Paris. Use a hairspray at the roots of your hair, blow drying the rest back. A little hair pomade will provide texture and hold.

Side Knot

This is a great look that says, “I’m chic, but I’m not trying too hard.” Start at the back of your head on the side that you part your hair, and begin braiding toward the other side. It’s okay if strands pop out along the way, as that’s sort of the idea. Sweep the front part of your hair in a knot to meet the braid, and secure the knot with bobby pins and mist with hair spray.

Slick and Sleek

This look should take under two minutes after hopping out of the shower. Run some gel through your parted hair, using a comb to sleek it back on either side. You should be good to go for the rest of the day.

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