Easy Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Sometimes medium hair gets a bad rap. It’s neither short nor long, so those with a medium cut maybe be unsure where they fit in. If you fall into this category, check out these easy hairstyles for medium hair.

Wavy Layers

Adding layers to your medium hair will make it seem longer than it is when styled with waves. Add waves by using a large barrel curling iron, making sure to curl the waves away from the face. The added volume on either side of the head will look great with long face shapes. This easy hairstyle for medium hair will give you a breezy, beachy look.


Pouf Ponytail

If you’ve got the length, why not utilize it? Create volume by sectioning off the front part of your hair and teasing it into a pouf. Use texturizing spray to create a lasting hold, and join it with the rest of your hair in a pony tail as high as your hair length will allow, to finish off one of the easy hairstyles for medium hair you can pull together in under five minutes.


Front Twist

This hairstyle is easy to pull off no matter what variation of medium hair length you’re sporting. Part your hair on the side and create a few beach-inspired waves with a medium barrel curling iron. Take a small piece of front hair and twist it, pinning it in place near the back of your head.

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