The Best Colors for Hair Highlights

Highlights can be a miracle worker for hair. They bring out the best in everyone and make us all look like we spend the day basking in sunlight rather than sitting behind desks. If you’re thinking of highlighting your hair, it’s important to research the best colors for hair highlights first.

First you need to figure out if you look better in cool or warm tones. The easiest way to test this is to hold up a swatch of silver and gold against your face. Which one flatters you most? If the gold makes you look alive and glowing, you’re warm-toned. If the silver looks best, you’re cool-toned. This can help you choose which color family to stay in. For more guidance, learn how to choose the best highlights for your hair with an expert colorist’s advice.

Highlights should complement your hair color, not disguise you as a zebra, so choose something within three shades of your own hair. If you have light blonde hair, honey highlights will add dimension. A chocolate color will add depth to black hair. Visit your hair stylist and hold different colors up to your hair to decide on the best colors for hair highlights for your coloring.

For a fun twist, experiment with pastel highlight trends — they wash out, so they make for fun colors for hair highlights.