Cutting Curly Hair: The 411

Curly-headed girls know they are special, and not just because truly curly hair is only bestowed upon 11% of the population. Their hair requires special upkeep, especially when it comes to cutting curly hair.

Cutting curly hair should not be treated the same as cutting any other type of hair. Make sure you go to a stylist who is experienced with your hair type so she can give you the shape you’re looking for. Many stylists choose to cut curly hair dry so that they know what shape the curls will take. An angled approach is best for natural curls, since blunt cuts tend to create a poofy, pyramid effect.

A great stylist will be adept at cutting curly hair in a way that minimizes poof and bulk, keeping strands the right length and weight for your desired curl. Before you choose a hairstylist, do some research on their work, and ask about their hair cutting techniques and experience.

Cutting curly hair should be treated as a new process for each person, as factors like hair weight, texture, and natural spiral direction must be taken into consideration. To avoid a haircut horror story, read 10 Tips for a Great Cut.

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