Updos for Wavy Hair

Curls are so incredibly gorgeous that it’s hard to imagine why someone would want to put them up. Sometimes, though, updos for wavy hair done right can highlight the beauty of your curls in a new, refreshing way.

Messy Side Bun

This style with straight hair would look like you got in a fight with a vacuum of some sort, but with wavy hair, it looks just messy enough. Start by styling your hair wavy as you normally would. Learn how to minimize the frizz with our tips from Ditch Frizz for Good. Sweep your hair back into a loose ponytail on the opposite side of your part. On the final twist of your ponytail, only tuck your hair halfway through, leaving the ends out. Use the ends to disguise the elastic and pull some tendrils all the way through the elastic for that carefree, messy style. Push the hair on your scalp forward so it’s not sleekly pulled back, and leave some tendrils out to frame your face.

Side Twist

Begin this style with your usual wavy hair. Take a section of hair from the same side that your part is on and begin twisting back and around, gradually picking up the rest of your hair in the twist. Tie off in a loose ponytail and wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to keep it hidden. Tuck your hair up and around in a bun, securing with bobby pins. Pull out a few tendrils here and there and around the face for a romantic, charmingly disheveled style.

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