Popular Celebrity Updos

While it may seem like the stars are always trying to create a stir with their hairdos, there are a few updos that remain a staple on the red carpet. Recreate these popular celebrity updos for the real world with these stylist secrets.

The Sleek Low Bun

The low bun has officially replaced the top knot as a celebrity go-to. If you want to recreate the choice bun of the stars, start by making sure your hair is ultra smooth. Run your straightener over your hair too iron out any unruliness. Use a gel to comb back your hair into a low ponytail. From here, you have a couple of options. You can create a looped look by rolling the ponytail under the hair, or you can wind it around for a more traditional bun. Spice things up by basing the bun on the side or incorporating braids.

The Faux Bob

Hollywood starlets literally wind up in the news when they cut their hair, so this style is a good way to create some buzz without committing to short hair. For this look, start by blow drying your hair with a round brush. If you have fine or thin hair, a volumizer will help amp up your look. When it’s dry, part your hair to the side and give yourself some texture with a half-inch curling iron. Create a low ponytail and slide the elastic about halfway down the length of the hair. Roll the rest up underneath the hair, securing with bobby pins. Instant bob!

These two styles are pretty traditional, but celebrities are no stranger to some seriously daring hairstyles. Check out 15 Crazy Hair Wars Styles for less traditional updos.