How to Do Short Hair Highlights

Short hair is a fun, sexy style. If you recently took the plunge and cut your hair short, adding highlights should be a breeze. Short hair highlights are so simple you can do them yourself (though going to a professional is always a safe bet).

If you’re doing them at home…

Choose a kit that includes and cap and pick to drag hair through. Because your hair is so short, it shouldn’t be too hard to do yourself, but you may want to have a friend/boyfriend/mom on standby to help you in the back. Apply the highlights to dry, unwashed hair for the best results. Natural oils will help to protect your hair strands during the process. Follow the instructions provided in the kit you use. We like Revlon Frost & Glow Highlighting Kit, $6.29 at Target and most drugstores.

If you’re doing them at a salon…

Talk with your stylist about the look you’re going for. Since your hair is short, you can be a little wild with your highlights if you so choose, or you can go natural. Face-framing highlights around your temples and hairline will brighten up your face. Talk with your stylist about upkeep and care for your hair. Typically, most highlights stay truer to their original color if you avoid washing your hair as much as possible.

Rihanna, Emma Watson, and Victoria Beckham are all leading ladies who have sported various shades of short hair highlights. Do your research before you get highlights so you end up with hair you love.

Whether you decide to DIY your short hair highlights or go professional, highlights are a great way to jazz up your (already fun) hair. If you’re stuck on just how light you should go, take this expert advice on how to choose the best highlights.