Easy Styles for Curly Hair

Celebs like Annalynne McCord, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift all have curly hair that they often wear in its beautifully bouncy natural state.  If you’ve been blessed with bounce, try these easy styles for curly hair for a quick style that will leave you looking like you had the help of a pro.

Romantic Side Bun

A side bun is a feminine style that is softened by curls. To get this look, start with wet hair that has been parted to the side. Apply a curl defining mousse and allow your hair to air dry. Pull your hair into a side ponytail, but don’t pull the tail all the way through to create a bun. Pull some strands out for a messy look. Clip in a fun accessory or flower to complete the look. Check out these ideas for hair flair for inspiration.


Curly hair helps to further disguise this little temporary hair-shortening trick. Style your hair curly as you normally would. When it’s dry, put it in a very loose ponytail, securing the elastic about two inches from the ends of your hair. Roll it up and secure with bobby pins. Allow a few of your curled shorter layers to pop out to make this a realistic looking bob.

Curly hair can cover a multitude of imperfections when it comes to hairstyles. These easy hair styles for curly hair are the perfect go-tos when you’re short on time but don’t want to look like it. For more about curls, check out the Guide to Curly Hair.