Best Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Style-wise, girls with fine hair kinda have it easy. They never have to battle with the all-mighty frizz, even in the most humid of climates. They can go to bed with their hair wet and just brush it out and go when they wake up. Curly-headed counterparts are dumbfounded by this hair routine, which basically consists of doing nothing. However, when fine-haired ladies check out their long, layered, swingy locks, it has them green with hair envy. But, like their hair routines, the styles that work for their hair don’t translate to fine hair. To find the best hairstyle for fine hair, you have to work with the texture and shape of your hair follicle.

Fine hair is thin in diameter, which means it can break easily if it gets too long. A bob cut is the best hairstyle for fine hair for this reason. Keeping your hair short keeps it healthy, which will make your hair look thicker. Having a bob doesn’t mean you have to go super short, though. Celebs have perfected the art of the long bob and it is always in style. If you’re thinking about getting a bob cut, remember to stay away from layers. Layers and fine hair don’t typically mix, as the layer gets lost in the rest of your hair and just makes your hair look thinner. Look to these celebs with fine hair bobs for inspiration for your cut.

Don’t let having fine hair keep you from growing it out, though. If you take care of your hair, there’s no reason you can’t have healthy, long, fine hair. Get frequent trims to keep split-ends at bay, and shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo made for fine hair. Be careful of conditioning too heavily, however, as fine hair can get weighed down by the particles used to volumize hair. As with a bob cut, stay away from layers when you have long, fine hair. If you want to break things up, try adding thick, blunt bangs.

The best hairstyle for fine hair will give you maximum volume while remaining as easy to style as ever. Talk with your stylist about the best cut for your face shape and hair texture so you’re sure you’re making the most of what you’ve got.