Hair Cuts for Long, Fine Hair

Jennifer Aniston has been the poster child for haircuts for years. Since her hair is long, fine and straight, she’s the perfect person to model your hair cuts for long, fine hair after. While her hair has evolved slightly since her Friends days, she generally keeps it a few inches past her shoulders with face-framing layers. A few layers around your face will keep your long, fine hair from elongating your face.

Sideswept bangs are another choice that complement hair cuts for long, fine hair. Ashlee Simpson and Ashley Olsen have both perfected the art of blending the sideswept bang with their long, fine hair. The trick with sideswept bangs is to match the length with your face shape. For more ways to wear your bangs, read 8 New Ways to Style Your Bangs.

Blunt bangs also work with hair cuts for long, fine hair. Have your hairstylist cut them relatively thick and taper them off at the ends. Taylor Swift wears a great blunt bang with her long, fine hair. For more celebrity looks, check out our gallery of fine hairstyles with bangs.

Hair cuts for long, fine hair can be tricky, but starting with a healthy head of hair will ensure that almost anything looks good on your head. Find out how damaged your hair is (and how to remedy it) with the How Damaged is Your Hair? quiz.