Hair Extension Clips

If you’re looking to switch up your style, hair extensions are a fun way to trick everyone into thinking your hair grew 6 inches overnight. Seriously though, hair extensions can completely change your look and give you thicker, more voluminous hair.

When applied by a salon expert, hair extensions can cost upwards of $600 — and they’re a pain to care for, as you can’t really wash your hair while they’re woven in. Hair extension clips are a cheaper, easy alternative that you can add in yourself for those days when you’re craving luscious, thick, long hair.

While some hair extension clips will cost you about $100, it’s cheaper to buy a hair weft (a section of hair that’s sewn together on top) and a few clip-in extensions. You can take the weft and extensions to a tailor and have him or her sew the clips to the weft, so that you can clip it in your hair. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can do it yourself. Wefts can be found at Sally Beauty Supply, ranging from about $30-100. Clip-in extensions are usually under $10, depending on the length and whether the hair is real or synthetic. For more info on the what type of hair extension is best for you, check out Hair Extensions: the Real Deal.

To make sure your hair extension clips are as secure as possible, make sure you tease the area where you plan to apply the clip. Texturizing this hair will ensure the extension won’t slip out. Teasing the hair above the clip in will give your hair more volume, hiding the clip.

Hair extension clips can diversify and refresh your look. From clip-in bangs to clip-in braids, there are endless options when it comes to adding a little something extra (literally) to your hair. To see how one of our beauty editors styled her extensions, check out Beauty Dare: Hair Extensions.