Hair Extension Prices

Hair extensions are a relatively easy and simple way to change your look. Fake volume, thickness, and length with your extensions while you’re out and about during the day (or night), and toss them off when you’re sleeping/showering/lounging around. Sounds easy, right? The one thing about it that hasn’t been that clear, though is hair extension prices. Why are some as expensive as a month’s rent and others cost less than a hamburger? Is there a difference?

The first thing that you should know about hair extension prices is that there are two areas of cost: buying the hair itself and having someone put it in. When it comes to hair extensions, you can either have it woven in by a professional, or you can buy clip-in pieces that you can put in and take out whenever you like. The cost of having someone weave in your hair extensions can be anywhere from $100-300, depending on how much hair you’d like weaved in, how long it takes the stylist to complete the weave, and where you get it done. As your hair grows out, the braid used to keep the weave in place will become looser, requiring updates when the bonding area becomes visible. Updates will depend on how fast your hair grows and where you got the extensions put in, and usually cost about $70-100 an hour.

Hair extension prices for services don’t include the price of the actual hair. There are a lot of options for hair extension pieces, and they range in affordability. If you want to try hair extensions out to see if they’re something that would work for your lifestyle, you might want to try synthetic hair first, because it’s a lot cheaper than the human hair alternative. Synthetic hair is usually under $20, depending on the length and whether it’s blended with human hair. Human hair, on the other hand, is usually a little over $100, depending on the length and width of the piece. You may need several pieces to achieve the look you desire. If your hair is a unique color, you’ll also need to have it dyed to match your hair.

The cheapest type of hair extension (that won’t look cheap) is a clip-in extension. Since you’ll be saving on application, it’ll be easier to spring for high-quality human hair extensions.  These can be purchased in various widths and lengths, and range in price from about $10-100. Read about one beauty editor’s experiment with clip-ins in our Hair Dare series .

It’s hard to predict hair extension prices because there are so many options available. To find out more about different hair extensions, read Hair Extensions: the Real Deal.