’90s Hair: Our Loves & Loathes

A decade of hair dos and dont's and of course, The Rachel

Jennifer Aniston Best and Worst '90s Hair

Smooth, sexy starlet hair

In the late ’90s, Aniston switched from The Rachel to this super-sleek, glamazon ‘do. “This is when everyone started to flat iron their hair like crazy,” Decuers says. It would still look great now — the key is lots of shine.

Step 1: Minimal layering means straighter hair, and more shine. That’s because light bounces off a flat surface better than a wavy or curly one. (Aniston’s cut is basically one length, with layered ends.)

Step 2: Use a shine serum, not a spray. Try Barex Tricolife Serum, $27.50. Serums tend to have more silicone, and offer more gleam, Decuers says.

Step 3: Squirt the serum onto your palms, and then run your hands down your hair, over and over, like you’re milking a cow (weird imagery we know, but it seriously works). It coaxes hair even straighter.