Carrie Underwood’s Best Hair

Carrie Underwood strikes us as the perfect BFF. She seems sweet, down-to-earth, and even though she’s gorgeous, she’d never steal your boyfriend. (Granted, all of this is total speculation, having never met Carrie Underwood, she could be a total crazy diva for all we know.)

One thing we’d totally steal from her though: her celebrity hairstyles. We’re loving everything from the sunny blonde color to the volumized — but not too wacky or Dolly Parton-esque — updos she wears. Since shaving Carrie Underwood’s head and turning her hair into a wig seemed waaay too drastic, we opted for a much more civilized route: talking to her stylist Nathaniel Hawkings. He spills the secrets to her look:

“She has medium, fine hair, but a lot of it, with a natural loose-curl texture, and it’s easy to blow out straight or curl from top to bottom,” Hawkins says. “She knows what she likes, and her hair always looks polished yet effortless at the same time.”

When Carrie Underwood’s hair is ultra long, you can bet she’s getting some help from extensions, but she never goes overboard. “Anyone can achieve her looks, because she never does anything outrageous or unnatural,” he says. As for color, this Oklahoma towhead sticks to her roots. She’s a natural blonde — it’s a pale wheat-y color — with lighter, warm sunshine highlights added by a pro, Hawkins says.

Want more? Read on to get step-by-step how-tos for all your favorite Carrie Underwood hairstyles.

Image: Getty Images