Carrie Underwood’s Best Hair

Get the scoop on her hottest 'dos from one of her personal hair pros

Carrie Underwood Hairstyles Bouffant

Baby bouffant

This ‘do is a simple, volumized blow out. Here’s how to get it:

Step 1: Squirt volumizing mousse directly onto a vent brush and brush from roots to ends. (Try TreSemme Volumizing Mousse, $3.79.) Do it in three sections overall. “In your palms, mousse breaks down and becomes a liquid and that’s too concentrated — you lose the lightweight-hold benefits,” Hawkins says.

Step 2: Flip your head and blow dry with the vent brush. When it’s 80 percent dry, flip upright.

Step 3: Smooth hair with more blow drying, using a 1.5-inch round brush until hair is dry.

Step 4: Brush the top back and slip in a barrette.

Step 5: Toss your hair as you liberally spritz it with a fine-mist aerosol hairspray. (Try Bumble and bumble spray de Mode, $25.)