Victoria Beckham’s Hot Hair

Remember when Victoria Beckham was “Posh Spice” and we all laughed at her and the other Spice Girls’ ridiculousness? Is anyone else a little confused on how she went from a spandexed joke to a designer-spandexed icon?

Pinpointing the exact moment she made the switch is tricky, but it had something to do with her hair. Specifically the Posh-Bob or “Pob,” if you’re a fan of quirky names for haircuts. Not since “The Rachel” has a haircut spawned so many freakin’ copycats. Whether you love or hate this short hairstyle you have to admit — the it got our attention.

To help us figure out how a former girl-group member with questionable singing skills became a leading trend-setter, we talked to celebrity hairstyle guru David Gardner, who has worked with Victoria Beckham as well as a list of other leading ladies like Evan Rachel Wood, Katie Holmes and Lindsay Lohan (all of them style icons in their own rights).

Read on to see the looks that made Victoria Beckham the woman we (supposedly) can’t get enough of, and find out how to do these looks on yourself. Even if you didn’t hop on the Pob bandwagon you can still tweak these looks to fit your own totally trendy haircut, and maybe even launch your own icon status.

Image: Getty Images