We Ask: Your Most Daring ‘Do

Always dreamed of an asymmetrical bob like Rihanna, or a complete color sampler like Ashlee Simpson? (Seriously, that chick went blonde, red, brunette, black and back again.)

Well, these 12 women did. And instead of just wondering if they could pull it off, they went for it — leaving the doldrums of hair purgatory for an edgy new ‘do (One gal even cut her hair herself. Now that’s daring). The goal? Some women wanted to spice things up just a little bit — think Reese Witherspoon’s bangs post Ryan Phillippe. Others wanted to try out their favorite celebrity’s hairstyle, making Isla Fisher or Heidi Klum their muse, while a few more wanted a drastically different look a la Kim Kardashian’s blonde transformation.

Bottom line: change is all relative — some women’s risky moves were other’s mild hairdos.

Whether these celebrity hairstyles stuck, though, is a different story. A few dyed their hair back a week later (damage be damned), but other gals are still going strong with their bold styles. So if you want to go blonde, brunette, super-short or uber-long hairstyles, take a lesson from these 12 fearless women, and maybe they’ll motivate you to take the plunge. Natalie Portman pixie — or shaved head — anyone?