Best Hair For Your Wedding

Picture this. You’re at a wedding and the blushing bride comes waltzing down the aisle wearing a gorgeous princess gown, flawless makeup and … flat, limp hair. Can it GET more boring than that?

OK, maybe. That is pretty dang dull. We totally know what you were thinking as she passed you. “I would NEVER attend my own wedding with that kind of formal hairstyle. Gross!” So instead, you imagine yourself wearing a sleek, fancy chignon with a loose, flowy dress. That’s muuuch better, right?

Sorry to break it to ya, but that’s just as bad as doing nothing to your hair at all. Just because your hair is pretty and your dress is pretty doesn’t mean they go well together. Certain hairstyles were practically made for a wedding dress, while others shout, “Look at me, I’ve got no sense of style!” Like wearing a denim jacket with jeans. So 1990’s. And since mistakes like this can ruin your entiiire wedding, you’ll want to find the absolute perfect hairstyle for the dress you’ll be wearing.

Guess what? We already asked celebrity hairstylist Ange Grmolyes from the Frederic Fekkai Salon in Los Angeles what that might look like for various wedding dress types. If you’re smart, you’ll take a look at these hairstyles even before you start shopping for your dress. You’re bound to find the perfect wedding hairstyle from one of these celebs, including Kate Bosworth, Debra Messing, Thandie Newton, Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and Rachel Weisz.

Oh, and listen when all of your friends say the hairstyle you love doesn’t go with your gown. You don’t want to be that girl who looks back at her pictures and wonders, “What was I thinking?!”