Haircuts for Your Face Shape

What’s worse than spending $50 at the salon for a haircut? Spending $50 on a haircut that looks terrible on you. Which will happen if you walk in without an idea of what your face shape is.

Since we love looking to celebs as examples (and just looking at them in general), here are some examples of celebrities with different face shapes. Use them as a guideline to finding what works best for you. Or if you’re less visual and more of a “let me think about this” kind of person, take this face shape quiz instead.

Round faces: Ginnifer Goodwin and Kelly Clarkson

Square faces: Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson

Oval faces: Halle Berry and Jessica Alba

Heart-shaped faces: Reese Witherspoon and Christina Ricci

Diamond faces: Rihanna

Oblong faces: Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler

But before you can style your hair, you’ll need to get the appropriate haircut first. Which brings us back to the fact that nobody wants to dish out a ton of cash for a horrible cut. Even a pro stylist can use some suggestions on what you want to see (don’t let her hack away without reading these tips on getting a great haircut).

And we get it, you might have no idea what looks good on you. So we pulled together the best and worst celebrity hairstyles for your face shape, all in one gallery. They even come with tips on what you should ask for at the salon. Try them out and soon everyone will be ooh-ing and aah-ing over your gorgeous hairstyle. If you really want to impress, check out what guys like here.

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