The 10 Most Popular Hairstyles

I’ve got two words for you: “The Rachel.”

You know what I’m talking about. Practically every woman (and their mom, although she probably asked for “The Farrah” instead) has ripped out a picture of Jennifer Aniston and asked her hairstylist to recreate it. For a while there, you couldn’t walk five feet without bumping into someone else with the same chic, straight layers.

“The Rachel” eventually joined the list of hugely-requested hairstyles that sparked a revolution since the first time they were seen in person, in pictures or on the big screen. Meg Ryan, Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively also made our top 10 list, for their totally iconic styles.

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So there’s no question about what styles customers ask for. But why are these looks so popular even years after their first public appearance? We talked to Sally Hershberger, of the Sally Hershberger salons, and Edward Tricomi of the Warren-Tricomi salons to find out. Both are world-renowned stylists that have been asked time and time again to recreate celebrity hairstyles.

Turns out it’s all about how women identify with the hairstyle, and what vibes they want to give off. A 2001 study done at Yale actually showed that women with short, tousled hair were seen as confident and outgoing, while long-haired women were perceived to be wealthy. (Agree? Disagree? You decide.)

So check out these top 10 most requested hairstyles, and maybe you’ll find one that totally matches your aura. Then not only will you look fab, you’ll feel comfortable in your new, perfect-for-you look. Isn’t celebrity inspiration the best?