The Dirty Hair Challenge

Bet you’re interested to see how this one went. When my editor put me up to the challenge, I almost didn’t take it. First of all, I’m an avid hair washer. If I go more than two days without washing it, I get limp, oily hair in no time flat (no pun intended). So an entire week of dirty hair seemed crazy, if not impossible, for me to do.

But after talking to a fellow editor who decided to do the challenge with me (she jumped at the chance, since washing her hair was one of her most dreaded tasks), I gave in. To make it easier for me, my editor said we were allowed to rinse if need be, and we could use any products to style our hair.

So I went home and put away all of my cleansing products, including my beloved shampoo and conditioner. But not before giving my hair one final washing (click here to see how I prepared for day one of the Dirty Hair Challenge). Then I snapped my first picture, and started my official “dirty hair diary” to chronicle my progress. Through the next seven days, Molly and I both had our good days and our bad days. But in the end we were both shocked at how the challenge turned out (bet you’ll be pretty amazed too).

Curious to see how we kept our hair looking fresh after going days without a good washing? We know this happens more often that you’d like to admit, so share these hair tips with your friends, and try doing this challenge on your own. Because if I could do it, anyone can.

Click here to see the pictures and read our journal.