Hot Trends for Fall 2010

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. The leaves change (well, not so much in Los Angeles, but we see pictures), the air feels fresh and crisp, and the best part is all the new fall trends.

Sure, summer trends are fun, with their sandals and beachy waves, but fall fashion trends and fall hair trends (can’t forget the makeup too) are always something different. And this year we’re so excited about what’s in store. Wanna know what trends will be hot this fall? You can click here for the full rundown, or get a little sneak peak below:

We’re looking at high-drama updos, lots of red lipstick, and animal prints all over the place. Bottom line: it’s more than enough to get us psyched for fall, even if it means our days at the beach are numbered.

So who are the trendsters that predicted all this for us? None other than Redken consultants Guido and Tracey Cunningham (in case you didn’t know, Redken does tons of the hairstyles at fashion week, so they know what’s going on), fashion editor and stylist Stephanie Prommer (it’s literally her job to know what’s cool), and MAC senior makeup artist Louise Zizzo (who’s totally in the know, since MAC practically creates most of the trends themselves).

The four of them have created the ultimate cheat sheet for all the hair, fashion and makeup trends for fall. All you have to do: keep reading and start sporting these must-try looks. And if your friends think you’re just naturally ahead of the curve? It’s cool, we won’t spill your secret.

Click here to see the fall 2010 trends.