Hot Trends for Fall 2010

What you want: the latest hairstyles, makeup looks and clothes. What we've got: All those things (obviously)

Kate Hudson fall trends

Coats and … capes?

Of course coats are a trend for fall — when it gets colder, you need one, duh — but there are some fun ones in store for this year. Prommer says camel coats will be huge, so if you don’t have one already you might want to pick one up (or sneak into your dad or boyfriend’s closet and steal theirs), since these are another timeless piece.

Not into camel? Military-inspired jackets will also be popular, so think brass buttons and epaulettes.

And Prommer’s favorite coat trend this fall: The cape. It’s a somewhat classic piece (they come and go into fashion) that will definitely let you stand out in a major way. Plus, you get to feel like a chic superhero, and that’s awesome.