Hot Trends for Fall 2010

What you want: the latest hairstyles, makeup looks and clothes. What we've got: All those things (obviously)

fall hair color trends

Autumn-ize your hair color

Cunningham has the perfect way to morph your hair color for fall, no matter what your starting shade. The overall theme: copper-red shades, so pretty and fun to pair with red lips (hint, hint).

If you’re a brunette: Try a dark chocolate truffle hue for your base, Cunningham says. Then try thick golden highlights from about middle of your hair down — which is great because you don’t have to worry about roots growing out as quickly. Think Lily Aldridge.

If you’re blonde: Cunningham says to go for a “California blonde,” with your base a shade darker for added dimension. This is actually one look you can wear year round. Think Kate Bosworth.

If you’re a redhead: Cunningham says redheads should try a single process tone (so skip the highlights, and save some cash) in a vibrant deep mahogany. Think Julianne Moore.